Solarplate etching by Clare Grossman.

Hand-printed on 300gsm Somerset paper. In a limited edition of 70, each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

The image measures 10 x 13cm.

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Clare Grossman - Artist Statement & Biography

Clare Grossman has taught life drawing for many years and her own personal use of the human form in these current etchings derives from years of History of Art study in the context of the Nude. It was with this in mind that a number of images first emerged, where the human form, initially the female body, was defined in subtle ways as a tool to describe emotion and convey particular feelings. A certain distance between the viewer and the model is acheived by often focusing on a partly hidden view of model, enabling the artist to express ideas simply and in a more abstract way. Focusing in to one section of the whole person whilst retaining a sense of the 'human'  is at the heart of each image. A connection between model and artist and ultimately with the viewer is always important, Beauty is found in simple poses, a pared down palette of monotones and yellow or blues hark back to prints of the Orient of previous centuries.

The technique used to create the limited edition etchings is called 'solar plate etching' which is a relatively new technique acquired by artists in recent years. Originally developed mass print industry, the technique enables artists to create etching plates which remain as defined and clear from the very first printed editions, right through to the very last. A light sensitive photopolymer plate is initially exposed on a light box similar to that used for photography and after exposure is then rinsed with running water which reveals the image ready to print from. This technique involves no acid or toxic materials and is ready to use in a matter of hours.

Clare Grossman attained her Master of Arts degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Camberwell School of Arts. 

Artwork commissioned by various corporate and commercial organisations including Claridges, Langham London, Princess Noura Univiersity for Women, DOKAEE Saudi Arabia, Care International Scotland and many others. Work also selected by the Contemporary Art Society for inclusion in the BUPA art collection and examples are held with the Victoria & Albert Museum, Scarborough Museum and Art Gallery and Art UK. She has exhibited widely and shows with various galleries across the country.

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