Jane Peart

After graduating from art college Jane worked in a design studio in London, before moving to Oxford in 1978.  Here she took up etching after completing a printmaking course at the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative.

Jane has concentrated on etching for many years but more recently she has been venturing into acrylic painting and digital drawing mainly due to the lockdown, Jane says it gave her time to pursue other techniques.


Inspiration  Her ideas for prints often arise from animal and bird studies and she finds using the medium of etching enables her to show the detail and texture of the skin, fur or feathers of the subject. Other inspiration for Jane's work comes from her immediate surroundings, small glimpses of everyday scenes or places she has visited in England or abroad. Her main aim in her work is to portray the characters of the animals she is drawing, or to capture the mood of a scene that has inspired her.