Oxidised Silver Earstuds


Beautiful and unusual hand-crafted oxidised silver earstuds, by John Field. The earrings measure approx 1cm diameter.

Imprinted by hand, so designs vary slightly on each pair.

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About John Field

John is based in West Yorkshire, U.K, and graduated with a B.A. Hons. degree in Three Dimensional Design. John’s work is individually designed and one-off.  Natural colours and materials feature prominently in all these pieces.  Rich colours are supplied by using exotic woods, amber, precious and semi-precious metals and stones. These materials are chosen from all over the world.  He enjoys using a number of different materials on each piece to provide interest. John often uses a dental laboratory drill to carve wooden jewellery.  This is a laborious process of attrition and it may take a number of weeks to finish one piece.  The aim is to produce intriguing designs with the jewellery often being displayed on its own stand or concealed in its own box.  One piece, a pendant say, will open to reveal another, a ring or a pair of earrings for example.

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