Silverine Deep


Intricate hand pulled collagraph with silver leaf and crackle by Kim Major-George, with double mount. 

Edition of 5; each hand pulled collagraph is double mounted, embossed with the ‘Om’ sign (Sanskrit- Pure Bliss), numbered and signed.

Image size: Approx. 17cm (h) x 16cm (w)

Outer mount size: Approx. 35cm (h) x 29cm (w)

Please note only 5 editions of this image are available; if Kim does not have one already printed in her studio please allow 3 - 4 weeks for Kim to hand pull from the plate, hand embellish etc and mount. The beauty of collagraph unlike other forms of hand pulled printing – no two images are the same – all are unique in tones and colour shades.We will contact you to confirm the expected delivery date. 

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - interest free credit, payable in 10 equal monthly installments of £10.00 - contact the gallery and we will email you full details.

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About Kim Major-George

Kim is an established artist printmaker who uses the textured form of Collagraph hand pulled printing to create her unusual images. Kim’s main influences are Ancient spiritual iconography, esoteric wisdoms, affirmations and poetry.

She trained during the 70’s in design and interiors, later went on to teach Art part-time whilst working as a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator. It was while she was illustrating for the Mind Body & Spirit industry that she came across Collagraph hand pulled printing.The raw textured mark making that this form of printing produces so inspired her that she went to train with printmaker Rita Kearton. 

Over the last ten years she has developed her own unique way of printing, using layered plates, imaginative embossing, hand embellishing and complex ways to mount the finished artwork. She is the author of ‘Collagraph – a journey through texture’, a well regarded reference book on Collagraph and is the President of the BBH Print Society.

Artist Statement

My fascination with words and the image this creates for the artist and the viewer is the starting point of my work, whether for a new spiritually themed collection, on a subject that inspires me, or a spark reaction to words read from numerous sources along the way.

On three separate occasions I embarked on a collaboration with the contemporary poet, Steve Thorp who lives in the wilds of Pembrokeshire. Although many miles apart, we seem to be inspired by similar themes - he often writes a poem after looking at my new image and it’s title, or I use the title of his new poem to create an image.

This has been an exciting venture in the marriage of words and imagery and these collaborations have resulted in small touring exhibitions with evocative themes :

 ‘The Wisdom of Peace ‘. - Looking at the concept of Peace and what it means to Man in the past and for the future.

‘Where are we Going ‘ a stark look at the wake up call needed for Man to rethink a new model for our civilization, to ensure a world of plenty for the children that will follow.

‘Spirit of the Earth’- a more internal look at the treasures of Gaia and those deep inside our human soul with it’s visionary wisdom .

As an artist working in this creative method, the images and words are woven together rather like the technical stages of this unusual printing process. The creation of complex printing plates can involve, melting, burning and dissolving unusual materials adhered together on the plates. After loading the plates with inks and pulling them through the traditional press, the collagraph print emerges, then layers of crackle, gold leaf and even iridescent threads are added - to find that the end result is emerging. The added vibration of the title, the signature and the ‘Om’ completes the piece.

If I am lucky, the viewer is moved by the subject matter, uplifted by the title and even a little curious asking the question – “How interesting - how did she do that ?”

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