A Moment in Time by Ramona Pintea


'A Moment in Time' : a delightful framed oil painting on canvas by Ramona Pintea.

The painting measures approximately 61cm (w) x 52cm (h).

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - interest free credit, payable in 10 equal monthly instalments of £57.50 - contact the gallery for full details.

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About Ramona Pintea

I was born and raised at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Brasov, Transilvania, a scenic region of Romania acclaimed for its natural beauty. In contrast with these charming settings, the totalitarian and grey communist regime allowed for little colour and free artistic expression.

At the age of twelve I came across a book on Michelangelo, vibrant with colourful, magnificent paintings and I immediately connected with the art. I vowed to myself to escape the dreary, colourless communist system at the earliest opportunity and pursue a future in art.

Fortunately communism crumbled at the end of 1989 and I took the first opportunity to follow my dream by moving to London in the early nineties. I studied Fine Art at College of North-East London and a whole new world opened up to me. However I didn’t have the courage to pursue a career as a painter straight away, instead I went on to study Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, part University of the Arts London. I became a fashion designer, later co-founding and building a high end fashion label, producing exquisite evening outfits for cosmopolitan socialites.

As my fashionista journey was unfolding, I developed an interest in psychology, spirituality and personal development. This was to be a long term feature and continues to this day, deeply influencing me as a human being and as an artist.

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