'Autumn Treetops' by Linda Bembridge


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A shaded, recently ploughed hillside provides a backdrop for treetops with bright autumn leaves.

Variable Edition of 20. The original photograph (as presented here) will be reproduced identically within this series. After printing the image, Linda applies further embellishments using precious metal leaf, paints and powders making each final piece within the series unique

Signed limited edition mounted hand-embellished Fine Art Print

Also available framed (contact gallery for details)

Mounted 40cm x 40cm

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About Linda Bembridge FRPS EFIAP

Linda Bembridge is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society who has also been I awarded the EFIAP distinction (Excellence de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) which requires her to have over 250 images accepted into Photographic Exhibitions and Salons throughout the world and to have achieved a minimum number of awards in those exhibitions.

Linda says of her work, “I am passionate about photographing the landscape in all its forms. I constantly strive to capture the emotion of the wide vistas whilst at the same time discovering and exploring the beauty in the detail of the world around us, the ‘intimate landscape’. One day I might achieve that goal.

“I am lucky enough to be able to balance a fulfilling career encompassing creativity in words and numbers with a passion focusing on the artistic and abstract. My photography provides the counterweight in my life and, without it, everything would be less colourful as a result.

“There are many excellent photographers who are able to portray a scene in its literal form. This is not something I strive to do. I am much more interested in portraying an interpretation leaving plenty of room for the imagination. In pursuit of this, many of my images, particularly more recent images are blurred. I subscribe to the view of Henri Cartier-Bresson that “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”.

“I am an enthusiastic member of the Royal Photographic Society and was delighted to be awarded my Fellowship in 2013 using a series of very personal Triptych images. Producing images which work as small collections is a theme which runs throughout my work and being able to use this approach to gain my FRPS was particularly pleasing.”


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