Birds in Tree Design Teapot, Hand Painted Porcelain by Mia Sarosi


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Birds and Tree design hand painted and hand-thrown porcelain Teapot.

The teapot measures approximately 21cm spout to handle width by 15cm height to top of Lid.


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Artist Statement – Mia Sarosi

I’ve learned my pottery skills by experience rather than any formal training, starting out as a painter in a commercial ceramics studio, where I worked for seven years. After this I learned in other potters’ workshops about the making process, in return for sieving glaze and wedging clay. I have now been working with clay for over 20 years and continue to use the traditional knowledge and skills that have been passed on to me.

Highlights of my ceramics work so far have been producing pottery for Fortnum and Mason and being awarded a grant from The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust(QEST). I have also exhibited in the Mall galleries with the Society of Equestrian Artists. Recently I participated in the QEST exhibition at the Coronation Festival, making a set of ceramic dog bowls for the summerhouse in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

My fine art work has been developed through self-taught practice, and from time to time studying with teachers trained in classical methods. The techniques of composition and use of brushwork in my ceramics work transfer easily into charcoal and oil painting. I have a life-long love of horses and continually return to them for inspiration. I have a particularly soft spot for Spanish horses after studying classical riding in deepest Andalucia a number of years ago.