An exquisite signed limited edition print by the equestrian artist, Sally Lancaster. This piece is from an edition of 25.

The image size measures 50cm(h) x 40cm(w). 


About the Artist

Characterised by fine brush strokes on subtle backgrounds, Sally’s focus is always on the beauty of the horse itself, often

observed from an unusual angle.  She is fascinated by detail, capturing every expression, movement and subtlety of the subject.

Sally is highly respected for her equestrian art and portraits, meticulously producing paintings to evoke emotions and allow the

viewer to enjoy the beauty and true personality of the subject. Sally has won numerous awards for her fine, highly detailed

paintings.  She has recently been promoted to a Full Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists in April 2013 and regularly

exhibits in London as well as various galleries around the UK

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