Getting to Grips


Getting to Grips is a fabulous framed oil painting by Barry Blake.

Framed size: 57cm wide x 72cm high

More about Barry Blake:

Born in Slough in 1948, Barry has lived near Milton Keynes since 1973.  A self-taught artist, Barry describes his art education as “restricted to a ‘Cranshaw’ video and a life-time of pulling my hair out!”

The power station where Barry had worked for 30 years closed in 2002, and he took early retirement to concentrate on painting.  During his time at work Barry became known as the “Dead Dog Artists”, as a reference to his paintings produced for work-mates as commissions of long-lost canine companions.

Barry works mainly in acrylics (“easier to rectify mistakes), and pastel, with the occasional water colour thrown in for good measure.  Barry describes his style as “a mixture of everything I’ve seen and read, but I mainly paint what I see, and hope the viewer enjoys it.”

His subject matter is varied - he will paint just about anything - but commission work has encouraged his animals painting.

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