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Traditionally crafted hand-painted stained glass panel.

Hand painted and kiln-fired stained glass panel by Annette Jackson.

Designed as a free hanging piece of art to be hung in a window.

This wonderful glass panel measures approximately 18 x 13cm.

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About Annette Jackson

Annette studied Architectural Stained Glass at Swansea where she graduated with a BA Hons degree. She now works from a small studio at the bottom of her garden, "where I often get distracted watching squirrels, robins, wrens & red kites, to name a few."

Inspired by folklore and myth, the colours of the glass in Annette's work reflects the rich colours found in nature, the deep blue of the sea or the fiery sun on autumn leaves.

The glass Annette uses is handblown and has a lovely uneven quality so that when the light shines through it, it sparkles, bouncing colour around the room.

She uses kiln fired glass paint to create contrast between dark and light making the windows glow like jewels.

Her windows are leaded, made in the traditional way. Annette says, "Very little has changed since the 12th century in the way that stained glass windows are made."

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