Jack and the Beanstalk


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A magical hand-cut original mult-layered 3d paper-cut by Heidi Vilkman.

Supplied in a white box frame.  Frame size approx. 33 x 24cm

The art work consists of five layers of 200gm acid free white cartridge paper, which the artist has hand assembled inside a deep box frame incorporating white LED lights inside the work, which when switched on, creates a magical scene for you to enjoy.

The lights are made with low consumption 12v LED lights, which are mains powered and plug into a normal (UK) household socket. The piece comes with a light switch and a power adapter with a regular three pin UK domestic plug. The light can be hung on a wall or set on a shelf.

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This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - payment by 10 interest free instalments of £35 per month - contact the gallery for an online application form link and full details.

About Heidi Vilkman

Originally from Finland, Heidi has lived in UK for over 18 years, initially studying film and photography in Edinburgh, graduating with a film degree from Napier University and later with a distinction in MA Screen Documentary from Goldsmiths College, London.

She has made several films and documentaries, including an award winning short documentary, as well as a production for the Finnish public broadcaster, YLE.

Despite of her formal training in film, Heidi has always been working in many art mediums, including ceramics and illustration. After taking a break from film-making in 2010, Heidi focused on exploring other mediums, and has since completed several short courses in subjects like experimental ceramics, structured jewellery, willow sculpture and book making.
She is currently working as a freelance artist, with paper and illustration as her main mediums. Her paper cut work and illustrated cards are stocked in several shops in UK and Finland and lately her hand cut, illuminated 3d paper cut pieces have been in exhibitions around UK.

In Heidi’s art-work, the main theme is nature; its shapes, colours and beauty but also the mythology and fairy-tale like magic of a forest. Having spent her formative years growing and playing in a Finnish forest, this landscape and its hidden microcosm are the main inspiration and innovation to her creative work.

Heidi currently lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, with her partner and two children.

Artist's Statement

I work in several mediums, but paper has won my heart in the recent years. Designing and assembling beautiful and somewhat surreal worlds by paper cutting, has opened up a new gateway for my imagination. The framed, paper cuts boxes I have been making in the last 12 months, multi-layered and illuminated with LED lights, have been a perfect outlet for my childlike curiosity and infinite love for nature. Having grown up in Finland, surrounded by forest and trees, affected me deeply – this connection is always strongly present in my art-work.

My paper cuts are full of trees, fairies, forest animals, hidden worlds and little dimples of magic. Just like I used to explore a Finnish forest as a child, I now explore a piece of paper like a child. In my paper cuts I depict worlds, which require one to look deeper, to see more, to dream a little. The wondrous quality of paper, with its evocative possibility of transforming from simple to complex, from mundane (shopping list) to amazing (sculpture), makes me disappear into my own little world for hours at a time. It is a strange combination of having to plan and focus, whilst keeping an open mind, which comes with working with this medium.

In the future I am hoping to combine my illustration work with my paper cutting, as well as experiment with different paper sculpting techniques. I have always been extremely curious individual, so finding ways to combine different creative mediums to bring out my own way of looking at the world (and beyond), is one of my main goals.

I often say to myself: ‘Look deeper. Dream deeper. Nature is infinite. Just like you.’

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