Golden Raven


Enchanting hand printed lino-cut print, embellished with 24 carat gold leaf, by the talented Jack Beaumont.

The piece is available framed or unframed.

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About Jack Beaumont

Jack is inspired by the narrative that surrounds us, we are a species of storytellers – from our distant days around an open fire to now, as modern makers & craftsmen – our work is the tale, and as 'The Dancingcrow', Jack has always been engaged in the narrative process (having initially trained as an illustrator) – from narrative creation through to finished print, it is part of his very existence.

Jack starts with an eclectic background knowledge of myth & story, & traditional skills rarely taught in books or from a class – these are skills that he has learnt over 40 years, this is the magic that you learn by listening & experimenting, creating & building, line upon line, meme upon meme – loving your craft!

Once Jack has a rough idea for the piece it needs to be organised – what drives the piece of work, drawing & sketching, working ideas up, exploring his workshop for inspiration, listening to the “Me! Me! Pick me!” pleas from the piles of ideas & sketches, pinning images around the studio - taking a piece from here & marrying it to a piece from there – crafting one's sense of what is right onto a piece.

The finished prints are hand finished with precious gold and silver leaf to create individual prints, you might also notice that some of the prints might not look uniform, this is because they are hand-printed, Jack does not use a press, but traditional block printing techniques which date back centuries and result in unique, individual prints instead of uniformity, so, there may be blemishes & scars.




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