One for Sorrow, Two for Joy


Enchanting wall-mounted piece with mirror inside. The piece is hand-crafted from recycled timbers, gold Dutch metal, featuring brass foil and stamped typography, digital illustration and print, reclaimed screws.

This work measures approx 27cm x 27cm x 6cm.

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - payment by 10 interest free instalments of £29.50 per month - contact the gallery for full details.

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About Jack Beaumont

As a maker Jack enjoys challenging preconceptions about the value of ‘art & craft’, combining recycled elements with precious materials. He believes that in the 21st century it is vital to make use of scrap as much as possible – old cans made beautiful, waste paper to sculpt & mould, recycled wood put to good use rather than to light a fire. There is a story behind the ‘waste' that Jack weaves into a new narrative. Each aspect of the piece is carefully chosen for its individual character and care is taken to ensure that the traits are preserved in the finished piece. Jack prefers to use traditional craft skills in his work, alongside modern tools, combining hand-crafted elements and paintings with digital photo-montage to develop a unique approach to modern craft.




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