On the Ball


Stunning original watercolour painting on linen by Kristine Nason.

Supplied framed. The outer frame size measures approximately 52cm (h) x 70cm (w).

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - interest free credit - 10 monthly instalments of £180  contact the gallery and we will email you full details and an application.

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About Kristine Nason


"The beauty of natural forms, particularly the magnificence and spirit of horses, has been a life-long inspiration. My passion is to capture a moment of eloquence, using horses to create images that speak to the deep emotions within, and ultimately, to enrich the lives of those who live with my art."

As a leading equestrian artist, Kristine's work is respected for its anatomical accuracy, movement, and portrayal of the character of each subject. Kristine is an electedFull Member of both the Society of Equestrian Artists and the Society of Women Artists. She is also an Associate Member of the Guild Society of Artists and also belongs to the Association of Animal Artists.

Although she also paints a lot of human portraits, horses are her primary subject matter. Her work has regularly been selected for major art exhibitions and she has collectors throughout the world. She has won several awards, and been featured in top national and international art publications.


I grew up in the English countryside where horses were the back-drop to my childhood and I’ve always been enthralled by them. I didn’t have any formal training in fine art but my great-grandfather, a professional artist who had travelled the world with his paintbrush, encouraged me to draw from an early age. He taught me to observe the grace of movement and form in all living things, and to appreciate how emotion can be conveyed through an image.

And so it was, that almost as soon as I could hold a pencil I learned to feel and remember every contour of the horse, the tenderness of a muzzle, the scent of grass on warm breath, the exhilaration and connection of being at one with a beautiful sentient creature; and I learned to translate this knowledge into my art.

Time passed, my skills developed, and I utilized those principles as I experimented with other media: now my artwork is informed by the years of observation and study, the sound knowledge of anatomy, and the drawing skills I learned as a child.  

In my early days I reveled in the power of the pencil, and I still value drawing as an end in itself. Now I like to experiment with other media and I work with oil, acrylic and watercolour too. In fact it was the gift of a box of watercolours that set me on the road to being a full-time professional artist, following a successful career in the worlds of advertising and fine-art publishing! Now, when I want to make expressive, action-based pieces I choose to work in oil or acrylic, but I can achieve more nuanced results with watercolour, and strikingly atmospheric images with pencil and charcoal…  so these are the mediums I choose for portraiture.

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