Small Wave Panel - fused glass


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Wonderful small fused glass wave panel, handcrafted by Matthew Adkins, this means each panel is unique and individual and will vary slightly in design and tone.

This panel is approximately 15.5cm wide  and 15cm tall and is a self standing piece.

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About Matthew Adkins

Matthew received a Ceramics and Glass degree in 2002, where the foundations for his love of glass making were forged.

"My passion took me to work in London for one of the UK’s leading decorative glass companies, where I have been a key figure in manufacturing kiln-formed architectural glass on an international scale. "

After helping to develop bespoke textured glass for designers and architects for so many years, it’s a pleasure for him to make more personal work with the help of his partner Estelle.  Matthew draws inspiration from the details of textures and colours which are found around us, the natural world and its landscape. He seeks elegance, precision and simplicity within his work. 

The Making

Each piece is hand-crafted, Matthew has designed and developed each one of them. Matthew also fabricates his own moulds and textures, the glass is then processed and fired in a kiln at temperatures over 800 degree°C.

Matthew' skills set lays in the design and the mould making, he is able to give a sense of motion to the glass by using relief and colours.

 All the colours are added manually which makes each piece more unique.

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