Medium Blue and Pink Teardrop Shell Pendant


Stunning hand-crafted blue and pink, teardrop pendant on a silver plated chain

The pendant measures approximately 4cm x 2.5cm and the chain is 18"/46cm

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Artist biography and statement

Diane Hart and Paul Connell graduated from Sunderland University in 1988 after studying glass and ceramics and have been making kiln cast glass objects and jewellery for the last 29 years. They work in the heart of the Northumbrian countryside and the natural surroundings contribute to the inspiration for their works.

Their style of working combines elements of the Pâte de Verre and Lost Wax casting techniques, pioneered by artists such as Lalique and Argy Rousseau in the early 20th century along with intricate mould making processes.

The careful arrangement of grains of crushed coloured glasses in individual moulds echoes the colours and patterns found in natural landscapes, seascapes and gardens. The detail in some of their jewellery delicately captures the actual impressions of flowers, shells and other natural objects and the carefully controlled temperature used to make the castings allows the glass grains to flow in a naturally random manner resulting in every piece being unique.   

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