Medium Polar Bear - Hand-Built Ceramic Sculpture by Gin Durham


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Medium ceramic sculpture of 'Boris' the Polar Bear. This piece is hand-crafted by Gin Durham.

This piece is individually hand built in stoneware clay, incorporating textile impressed elements and finished with precious metals.

The sculpture measures approximately 11.5cm tall x 22cm nose to tail x 9cm width.

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - interest free credit, payable in 10 equal monthly installments.

Gin Durham - Artist Statement

I am a designer-maker; for as long as I can remember I have derived an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction from the pure acts of creating and making.

For a number of years I have worked as a graphic designer, project manager and artist.  

My ceramic practice has been established since graduating in 2011. Ceramics, for me is an exciting and rewarding material, one with which I am forging a lasting relationship, enhanced by my firm grounding of mixed media and graphic experience.

The inspiration for my new body of work stems from traditions of folklore and fairy stories and nursery rhymes.

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by stories and how they have endured the test of time, repeated by generations. My hope is that my work in turn, will have the power to trigger associations, images and stories in the mind of the viewer.

Each piece is informed by the rich historical value of the ceramic figurine combined with the lace surface finish to enhance ideas of tradition with a contemporary twist of humour.

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