Moonlight Hare


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This piece is now sold. But please contact the gallery if you would like us to order one for you or let you know when we have any new work in by Paul Smith.

This is a delightful marble resin sculpture by Paul Smith, made in a limited edition of 250.

Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist.

The piece measures approx 14 x 6.5cm.

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - payment by 10 interest free instalments of £12 per month - contact the gallery for full details and an application.

Click HERE to see more work available by Paul Smith at Obsidian Art.


About Paul Smith

I am a full time artist, making ceramic figurative sculptures in my studio on the edge of the Peak District National Park. The images I make are dream-like and contemplative, designed to create a feeling of a reality where peaceful co-existence is possible between us and nature. The style is bold and semi-abstract with graceful sweeping curves and simplified details.

In my work I play with the conventions of fairytales and fables, often turning the stories on their heads and twisting them. Goldilocks has made peace with the bears and Red Riding Hood has grown up to be a confident femme fatale who entrances the Wolf. There are many ‘first-nation’ stories of a time when beasts could talk and the world was one, not divided into the human/animal worlds.

I am interested in our perception of the animal kingdom, told through fairytale and fable, art, books and film, rather than realistic depiction. A big influence on my work has been Angela Carter who wrote several short stories and novels on the theme of fairytales, “The Company of Wolves” being one of he most famous. She tells tales of transformation, wonder and strangeness but, however dark the stories are, there is, more often than not, a redemptive ending. I use children’s stories as the vehicle to explore, in terms of adult-oriented concerns, the universal themes raised; love and jealousy, duplicity and trust.

My work is solidly rooted in the figurative tradition. Of all the artists of the past I particularly admire the work of Elie Nadelman. A Polish-born sculptor working in the earlier part of the last century, he was innovative in his wonderful sense of fluid line and form, influenced by American folk art.

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