Robin standing by Karen Fawcett


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An enchanting and life-like ceramic sculpture of a Robin by Karen Fawcett.  The Robin is standing with its tail down and has a characterful alert expression.

Hand crafted and finished to a very high level of detail, each Robin is therefore individual and unique and may differ very slightly to the examples shown.

Karen's skill with sculpture allows her to capture not just the look, but also the spirit or personality of the subject, making it appear much more alive - as though it could move at any moment! 

The piece measures approximately 7cm high by 12cm Length and 4.5cm width.

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About Karen Fawcett

Karen studied Architectural Glass and Ceramics at Sunderland University.  Karen’s work developed culminating in the creation of unique bird and animal sculptures.  She now works with her husband from their studio in County Durham supplying her beautiful sculptures to galleries around the country.

Karen was born and raised in Beverley and after going to Beverley College she took a place at Sunderland university and Graduated in 2001 with a BA Hons in Glass & Ceramics.