Bowl, Lady with Curly Hair


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A bowl depicting a rosy-cheeked lass of obvious style - reminding us you can never go wrong with big hair - .particularly if it's blue.

This is a hand-made ceramic bowl by Sarah Saunders. It measures approximately: 27cm x 23cm x 6cm(d) 

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About Sarah Saunders

Sarah Saunders is a figurative ceramicist with a tale to tell.

She works with the simplified human form - but there is always an animal hanging around somewhere in there!

Pieces are coloured using slips, oxides and underglazes and fired to stoneware temperatures.

She is inspired by Folk Art with its strange proportions, simple shapes and lines - the decoration, age and materials - often faded and chipped with beautiful patina. She feels that all this oddity and patterning makes you look...just a little longer.
Sarah creates pieces of work that look like they've had a life, a story, a past.

Listen to her tale..... 

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