Sea Spray Glass Light Pull by Julie Fountain

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A handmade glass light pull in pale aqua blue and ivory glass.  The transparent glass around the bottom is etched for a frosted sea glass finish.  All the little details are handmade and applied in the flame, along with fine silver droplets.

The light pull has a larger hole at the bottom than at the top to accommodate a pull cord that can be knotted to prevent it slipping through.  The light pull measures approximately 40mm long but there is always some variation in size, shape and composition!

Each piece is hand-crafted to make it unique, so design may vary slightly from the image shown.

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About Julie Fountain

Julie Fountain is an award winning glass artist, working from her Worcestershire studio, where she has been making and teaching glass bead making since 2007.  Julie was first drawn to bead making when she came upon the glass itself, beautiful rods in gleaming jewel colours, just waiting to be melted and combined into new shapes and textures.

She creates each bead by hand using a technique known as lampwork: melting and shaping rods of Italian glass in a high temperature flame, first to create the decorative components, then the beads themselves, to which she adds fine silver highlights and those intricate handmade details.  After a long, slow, controlled cool in a kiln to strengthen the glass, Julie turns her beads into incredibly wearable jewellery using sterling silver findings, most of which are also handmade in the UK.

Whilst clearly redolent of the seashore, and evoking seaside memories from both at home and abroad, Julie’s designs are highly influenced by the glass itself – the colours and patterns, textures and shapes.  What originally started out as simple swirls of colour and shape have over time developed into a distinctive and highly focused collection of shapes and finished pieces that delight customers all over the world.