Just Added! Song of the Golden Hare - Wonderful New Book Just Published by Jackie Morris October 19 2013

The author says: It began with a coming together of a few ideas while out walking. The day was crisp clear bright and from the top of the hill it was possible to see the distant land of Ireland. It began with a boy who loved music and hares. It began with a desire to paint hares, a whole book of them.

As the story came together the boy had a sister who joined him, so that now he was no longer alone. He loved music and often played upon a harp, but he never sang. Somehow he couldn’t find his voice, or maybe the courage, to sing.  And when the hares begin to move across the land the boy and his sister follow.

Just Added! Upcoming Photography Exhibition Images: 'Exposure' September 18 2013

An exciting exhibition by five award-winning photographers: Ted Kinsey, Roger Longdin, Bob Marshall, Gillian Morgan & Linda Sharp.

The exhibition takes place at Obsidian Art from 27th September to 13th October.  See full details.

See a selection from the exhibition HERE.

Just Added! Sue Britton's Gorgeous Textile Doggy Canvases September 14 2013

We're just added onto the shop a selection of Sue Britton's fab original textile creations - happy, waggy dogs on canvas, with a wide range of sizes from cure and small to feature pieces.  See them all HERE.

Horse in Art July 20 2013

From 12 July to 11 August 2013 we are hosting a themed "Horse in Art" Exhibition.
Supporting The Horse Trust, the exhibition features a really high calibre of art, and a wide range of styles and mediums - paintings, photography, textiles, glass, ceramics, sculpture & jewellery by over 30 selected British artists and makers including many of the Country's top equine artists.