The White Rabbit - Miniature Pewter Figurine by Robert James

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The White Rabbit, an intricately detailed solid pewter figure standing approximately 7cm tall. from 'The Storybook Collection', a series of miniature pewter figurines by Robert James.

Each piece is supplied in its own gift box with a copy of the artists' biography.

About Robert James

Robert and James are two old friends who share a passion for creating bronze sculptures inspired by stories of characters from classic literature. They have worked together for 25 years, sharing their inspiration and combining their skills to generate these finely modelled pieces.

The pieces, full of humour and theatre, have found themselves all over the world. The collection is ever-growing as they continue to explore the rich source of characters from myths, legends and stories throughout history.

Robert and James met over twenty years ago working for ‘Theatre of the Heart’, a theatre company that journeyed through the open landscape creating stories and characters generated from the environment.

Lovingly modelled in terracotta clay and cast in bronze, bronze resin and their new miniature pewter collection, inspired from classic literature, Robert and James have a large collection of rare books which they use as a source for their inspiration.

The collection is based on Tenniel’s illustrations from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ as well as some characters from other classic children's books, and is the culmination of eleven years’ work.