Through the Looking Glass - Hand-Cut Miniature Paper Cut by Loz Morgan (from a design by Paper Panda).

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An amazing miniature hand-cut paper cut by Loz Morgan from a design by Paper Panda.

The piece is hand-cut in black and suspended over antique original pages, in a wood box frame. The piece measures approx 11cm wide x 13cm high.

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - payment by 10 interest free instalments of £18.50 per month - contact the gallery for an online application form link and full details.

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About Loz Morgan and Paper Panda

Loz Morgan is the official miniaturist for Paper Panda.

Paper Panda started in 2010 with Louise Firchau making typographical lyrical papercuts from recycled paper.
Since then PP has grown significantly and now has three very distinct styles and a multitude of merchandise so that everyone can have a piece of the original bear.
The Bird & Bunny and folk series of papercuts have been hand drawn and hand cut by Louise. They are inspired by Quarwood, where the Panda family lived in a little cottage in the Cotswolds surrounded by animals and woodland life.
The Storybook series (and other gothic darkness) is a cute collaboration between Mr & Mrs Panda. Louise tells Ryan what to draw with a waggy, pointy finger over his shoulder and only when he gets it perfectly right she cuts it out of paper. It's a good bit of teamwork.
The typographical pieces are created using digital software. Louise studied typography at university and it became an obsession. "There is nothing more satisfying than creating a piece of graphic art using amazing fonts and hand cutting it so perfectly that no matter what the size it looks like it's been printed."