Aliisa Hyslop

Aliisa Hyslop was born in 1957 of Finnish/Scottish parentage.
She attended college in Portsmouth, obtaining a BA Hons in Fine Art (Drawing and Painting) in 1981.
Since then, she has lived and worked in Edinburgh and the Scottish borders, developing her own particular style of figurative painting, exhibiting in many solo and group shows throughout the UK and abroad.
Aliisa also creates sculptures, large and small, using wirework, woodcarving and crochet.
The Finnish strength of character and silent fortitude come across in her work, as does the stillness of the seasons.
Feelings, moods and emotions are portrayed in poetic imagery- ethereal and enchanting, they invite us to step into a world somewhere between reality and imagination.
"Sometimes pictures, like music, express things that can't be expressed in words. Life is a mixture of melancholy and mirth, and my paintings and sculptures are the fruits of my life".