Small Rollerskater - Wire and Wood Sculpture


A delightful and unique free-standing sculpture hand sculpted from wire on a wooden base. Hand-made by Becky Crawford.

This piece measures approximately: 13.5 cm (h) x 9 (w) x 4.5 (d)

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About Becky Crawford

I love swimming in the sea, riding my bike through the countryside, being surrounded by nature, growing fruit, vegetables & flowers and I love drawing & making things.

My inspiration comes from the world which surrounds us. Nature, space, underwater, curious objects that I find on the road while I'm out on my bike, the connections between everything which makes the world go round, music and watching people...

When I am not making art, I teach cycling to mainly children; I teach them how to cycle safely on the roads, a precious skill they will hopefully carry with them for the rest of their lives!

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