Unearthed Ring - Sterling Silver with 22ct Gold Leaf

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A beautiful hand-crafted sterling silver and 22ct gold leaf ring by Chloe Romanos, part of a series of work inspired by archaeolgical treasures.

UK Size 'P' (this ring can also be ordered in smaller or larger sizes, please contact us to arrange).

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About Chloe Romanos - Artist Statement

All the pieces I design and handcraft are meaningful, they are like little messages. I like to create a dialogue between the maker and the wearer, and in turn between the wearer and the people around.

I use traditional silversmithing techniques to create contemporary statement rings, necklaces and earrings. Cloelea Jewellery pieces are sustainably produced using recycled precious metals (sterling silver, 9ct and 18 ct gold) and a variety of precious and semi-precious stones (amongst my favourites: labradorite, opal, moonstone, amethyst, ruby…).

Because, for me, preciousness is a feeling rather than an object, I also like to use more unconventional materials, such as beautiful or interesting found objects (in particular rocks, drift wood, shells or ancient artefacts), as they are either a medium to express messages or they have acquired a symbolic value.

Through material exploration and experimentation, I try to capture the worn appearance but also precious nature of ancient artefacts. The textured effects are a reminiscence of the state of deterioration of archaeological objects dug up from the ground. I strive to bring out the preciousness of imperfections and the magic of small objects.

Guided by memories of my travels or quotes from books and poems I have read, I often explore themes such as concealment, scarification or intimacy to produce poetic pieces that are sensitive, ethereal and original.

The elegance of Art Nouveau designs, with its strong curved lines and obsession for myriad of wings, is another aspect of my work. I like to play with the space in between, with shadows and with the way the piece can envelop the body and become part of it.

My work has been showcased in exhibitions including the British Museum and the Royal Cornwall Museum. Each year, I take part in Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival, the UK’s largest artist open studio event. I am also a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, of West OX Arts and of Faringdon Art Society.

I am a French jewellery designer and maker. I started learning and making jewellery when I moved to England. My initial training in archaeology and my fascination for art and crafts has inspired me to learn about transforming metals and combining different materials to create little poetic keepsakes.

I am originally from the south of France, now living in Oxfordshire (UK). I have studied jewellery making and silversmithing at the Jewellery School in Birmingham (Birmingham City University). I also hold a Master in Art History and Archaeology from Sorbonne University in Paris and a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Birmingham, UK.