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Title: Fox


Enchanting wooden pendants by June Uriagereka. Hand painted with acrylic paints on a small piece of recycled wood. Varnished with matte varnish and signed on the back. The sides and back of the pendant are finished with a mix of olive oil and beeswax. Each pendant comes with a long linen cord. Each pendant measures approx 4cm diameter and 0.5cm depth.  

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About June

June Uriagereka is a self-taught artist from the Basque Country. She grew up and still lives in the countryside, and her work is inspired by nature, folklore, plants and trees, the moon, myths and the faerie realm.

June paints with acrylics on wood and watercolor paper, and she also makes handmade frames for some of her original paintings using dried leaves of fern, oak and ivy. She likes to paint on repurposed wood whenever she can, and on slices of wood from fallen trees.