Angel 4 stained glass by Bryan Smith


Elegant, colourful stained glass piece crafted by Bryan John Smith.

Crafted from painted and leaded glass. This piece is NOT suitable for outdoors.

Designed as a free hanging piece of art to be hung in a window or against a wall. It has fused hooks and comes ready strung with fishing wire for hanging from. The panel measures approximately 13cm x 21cm.

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About Bryan Smith - Artist Statement

I was a research biochemist in the pharmaceutical industry, but have now retired, which gives me time to develop what I always enjoyed, but didn’t have time to do.

I don’t have formal training in art (I did science!), apart from a night-school class in stained glass, to start me off. From there it has been self-taught mistakes and learnings. I have sold various items via shops in the area, and am now undertaking commissions.

Looking at what I have made, the influence of nature is apparent, and I have already learnt that people like bees!

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