Weekly Art Challenge Week Two

It's the second week of our weekly Art Challenge!  We received lots of entries from children and adults, amateurs & professionals. We were delighted to receive several entries from America, The Netherlands and Poland as well as the UK. Thank you all!

This week we offered three themes and asked for submissions in any media inspired by one of the themes :-

• An artwork inspired by your favourite artist

• Spring

• Your favourite place (real or imaginary)

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See highlights from Week One HERE.

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Below are a selection of our favourites from this week's entries :-

Inspired by Monet
by Alfie, Age 7

A wonderful piece by Alfie, just 7 years old, who created this piece of a special place by his house. He painted it in the style of impressionism and looked at Monet's work for inspiration..

Nest Building in Spring! 
by Jackie Bennett

Needlefelt sculpture by Jackie Bennett. Jackie descriibes her inspiration, "The blackbirds are back again (Mr & Mrs!), busy gathering garden materials for their nest, and making good use of the scraps of leftover wool I leave out for them. Their new home year is amongst the honeysuckle, just above the patio door. So lovely and uplifting to see them this close up and also hear their delightfully varied song."

Velator Quay
by Jill Healing

An acrylic painting by Jill healing, inspired by her favourite place - Velator Quay, Braunton in Devon.

Love is in the Trees
by Candida Hackney

This lovely watercolour by Candida Hackney was inspired by our 'Spring' theme.

Bombus Hortorum
by Sally Leggatt

'Bombus hortorum' - the Latin name for the garden bumble bee inspired by our 'Spring' theme. Painted in watercolours with precious metals by Sally Leggatt.

Waiting to Fly
by Roger Everson

Roger Everson, from Milton Keynes created this A4 pencil drawing inspired by the Pre Raphaelite painters and reflecting how some might be feeling in these unusual times..

by Arthur, Age 6

This delightful piece was created Arthur, aged just 6. A painting & collage inspired by Spring.

Spring in the Time of Covid
by Judy Nash

Judy says of her painting, "We have been having a stunning spring, and my garden is an inspiration. I chose a big canvas with a lot of small detail ,as at the moment I have lots of time to fill!"

The Town
by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik

Dorota painted this oil taking inspiration from the atmosphere of Beksinski's paintings.

Spring Scene
by Sarah Ross

Modelled from  polymer clay. Sarah says of the piece, "The woods near us are full of buzzing things and tiny flowers. I can imagine at grass root level it looks like a jungle." 

Rosa Odorata Mutabilis
by Nicola Currie

An oil painting on gessoboard by Nicola Currie from Worcester. 

Golden Moment
by Julian Gardner

An unmodified multi-exposure photograph created in the camera.

Spring Dawn with Lambs and Bluebells  by Heather D'Silva

Painted in watercolour from a scene on the Ashridge Estate.

Path to Spring
by Julie Wetenhall

An oil on board by Julie Wetenhall. "The path I walk quite often in this time of Lockdown, the colours at this time of year are so vibrant."

Apple Blossom 1
by Carolyn Mawle

Digital art inspired by apple blossom at Carolyn's allotment during the Spring.

Bluebells by Melanie Codling

An acrylic painting on canvas board, Melanie says of the inspiration for the painting that she wanted to play with landscapes and try and capture Spring, "I love bluebells! I literally love to walk or ride through woods with bluebell carpets! Totally magical!."

Inspired by Pollock
by Kaylee, age 11

Inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock, Kaylee, aged 11, painted this using acrylic paint dabbed on by paint brush and fingers

Man Walking
by Allison Graham

Alison's piece is inspired by her favourite artist,  Alexander Millar  "He is from my home area and l love his gritty characters Drawing is escape from work in completely different environment." Allison, from Aylesbury, works in the NHS .

Loch Crinan
by Sarah McDougall Duncan

Inspired by her favourite place, Loch Crinnan in Argyll. Sarah says, "I used to paint there and appreciated the changes in light from hour to hour."

Sea Wind (Porthzennor Cove)
by Peter Austin

Oil & Charcoal on Canvas. "Made after a walk along the coast at near Zennor,Cornwall on a bright but quite windy day. I thought about how lucky Patrick Heron was to have lived here and how lucky I was to have been taught by Peter Lanyon . . . even if it was only for a one-day,visiting artist tutorial.
The walk was followed by a very good lunch at The Tinners’ Arms . . . recommended to anyone who likes a proper sandwich!".

QPC Studio I (Homage to Diebenkorn)
by Antonia Glynne-Jones

Oil on canvas, 97x60cms, based on the life drawing studio in Queen Park Centre, Aylesbury. 

by Lynne Reeves

Taking our theme of an artist who inspires her, Lt#ynne chose Maria Rivans. " This piece, which is a drawing I did of our daughter (takes after her father!), is another assemblage art piece, but I’ve left it unpainted to enable the assemblage to be seen.
Maria Rivans does amazing collage art; intricately cut small pieces of any kind of object, wildlife, plant life etc etc. Put together in a cohesive way around a photo of an vintage film star’s face. Stunning work."  

Beltane Spring
by Harriet Connides

Watercolour and liquid metal acrylic. "Finally I got my copurage to finish this! Based on a stunning photo by @thewitchinghour".

The Second Coming of Crapopolis (detail)
by Becky Beckett

Becky Beckett is a British Artist living in Iowa in the USA. This is a section of a 20ft drawing that she is currently working on.

by Jackie Henderson

"An oil painting of my old friend Toad. He used to enjoy my compost heap!"

by Barbara Shaw

This piece was created from many scraps of fabric hand-stitched together in layers.

Bee & Blossom
by Colin Stokes

Watercolour and UniPin ink pen . By Colin Stokes

Spring Woods
by Debrah Martin

This is of the woods behind my home, where I’m lucky enough to be able to walk and jog every day. It’s a place of peace, birdsong and beauty in these troubling times – oh, and bluebells too – my father’s favourite flowers, and as he encouraged my love of painting, it’s also my homage to him as a fantastic father and a wonderful painter in his own right.

"Blossom Trees"
textile art by 
Bozena Wojtaszek

"Blossom trees" textile art
Bozena Wojtaszek  from Lodz, Poland. 

The Old Pickett Fence
by Julie Anderson

"This painting inspired by the incredible blossom and my love of the English countryside."

Spring Flowers
by Pauline James

Inspired by the colours of spring and summer in an abstracted way using mixed media.

Spring Landscape
by Marianne Klein

"Despite our anxieties in these difficult times, spring is upon us with an almost unbearable lightness...." 
Marianne is from Leiden, in the Netherlands 

Frogs in Spring
by Susie Dove

"These frogs definitely signal Spring for me as my tiny pond is full of them at this time of year, all eagerly seeking a mate!"

My Favourite Place
by Lauren Catton, age 17

The picture is of the Old Oak Tower of the Dragon Library in the computer game Skyrim, it's Lauren's favourite place, filled with books about magic. 

Welcome to Leo's World
by Lisa Stanyard

A surreal drawing of Leo and his favourite place to be, exploring the world.

Spring Scene
by Brenda Bailey

A Spring scene of a pond by The Nut Tree pub, Murcott.