Suspended Face Clock by Roy Thedvall

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A beautifully forged steel clock with a patinated clock face and battery operated mechanism, handmade by Roy Thedvall.

This piece measures approximately 34.5cm high, 32cm wide and 13cm deep at base.

Working in the trade for about 28 years, Roy is self-taught. Moving to Pembrokeshire, he opened a small gallery where his products are displayed. Inspiration is drawn from a wide range of sources particularly organic shapes, the beautiful landscapes and coastal views of West Wales.
He is a member of the Pembrokeshire Craftsmen’s Circle, and exhibits regularly at their shows primarily in St David’s, Pembrokeshire. He also travels throughout U.K. to other shows.
Roy says, “My work is produced using mainly traditional hot forging techniques. I am always interested in experimenting with different materials combined with the iron and steel, which are the basic raw materials. I hope that the finished products are original and innovative in their design. My inspiration comes mainly from organic shapes and forms and I am particularly interested in the notion of turning a seemingly hard, unyielding material into smooth flowing forms.”

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