Leaf Chimes (from "Effervescence" Project)

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This image is from a project entitled 'Effervescence'. 

This is a Variable Edition Fine-Art Print. The edition is limited to 5 in total, this piece is number 2 in the series.

The print is 3-dimensional comprising multiple separated layers of transparent film upon which sections of the image are printed. 

Within the series, the foundational layered print will be identical. Hand-embellishments then render each individual piece unique.

This piece has been hand-finished using 6ct Gold Leaf, Miyuki beads and metallic calligraphy inks. The image itself is backed with 6ct Gold Leaf. 

The image is presented mounted and framed. The frame is black, 7cm wide and measures 50cm square. 

The Acetate print within the mount measures 30cm square. 


Focusing on the art of 'breaking free'.

Noun: The quality of being excited, enthusiastic and full of energy

I am becoming obsessed with puddles, muddy ones full of leaves and other rubbish, as well as pools of water amongst grasses and reeds. 

My goal was for the images to be joyful and full of colour, nothing should feel trapped. In researching some words I became conscious of our grown up hesitancy when faced with a particularly tempting puddle. A child would probably jump straight in, laughing at the beautiful splash. 

Us adults face the eternal struggle of letting go and holding on... we do the sensible thing... mostly...

I dream of running fast, wild and free. Fresh air. Aroma of broken leaves. 

Outrun the wind... never let it catch you. Fly like a kite... be free. 

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About Linda Bembridge FRPS EFIAP

Linda Bembridge is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society who has also been awarded the EFIAP distinction (Excellence de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique) which requires her to have over 250 images accepted into Photographic Exhibitions and Salons throughout the world and to have achieved a minimum number of awards in those exhibitions.

Linda says of her work, 

"My approach to photography continues to evolve as I learn more about what inspires me. Using a combination of -in-camera techniques focusing on blending and colour shifts I photograph any scene which attracts my attention. I do not limit myself to subject, or place arbitrary around processing techniques. I will happily devote time editing images if I feel I can communicate more clearly. I play with tones, shape and colour if I feel the result will be more exciting."

"My goal is to use my camera frame as a means by which to pull the viewer out of a logical and recognisable world into a place which feels more alive and joyful. I am drawn to shapes, colour and rhythm while I strive to connect with the chaos that surrounds us. My work varies from representational to abstract, and I move between the two continually. Every image I produce is part of my journey to find my creative voice, each has its place and its own story to tell."

"I am an enthusiastic member of The Royal Photographic Society and was delighted to be awarded my fellowship in 2013 using a series of very personal Triptych images. Producing images which work as small collections is a theme which runs throughout my work and being able to use this approach to gain my FRPS was particularly pleasing"