Cuckoo & Swallows

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Option: Framed & Mounted (supplied in a solid oak frame)


Hand-printed woodblock print by Adele Scantlebury.

Adele explains the inspiration for the piece: "Every year I look forward to hearing a cuckoo, my husband works in the woods so he usually hears one first. One year we had one in the garden, I thought it was some sort of magpie as it had such a long tail - then it started to call...".

Available either framed or unframed.  The frameds piece is supplied mounted & framed in a solid oak frame. 

The outer frame measures 49cm x 41cm.

This is an edition of 50 hand-printed woodblock prints. Each is hand numbered and signed by the artist.

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - interest free credit, payable in 10 equal monthly direct debit instalments - contact the gallery for full details and an online application.

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Adele Scantlebury - Artist Statement

My official art education ended in 1987 with a BA Hons in Ceramics from Farnham. I was then fortunate enough to find work in Sussex making traditional finials and floor tiles. We worked on many Heritage projects - including the floor tiles for the Crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral.
It was during this time that I explored working with woodblock printing. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the process; instead of a press, using the back of a wooden spoon and a lot of elbow grease!
Peeling the paper off the block for the first time is always a magic moment as the picture is revealed, a mirror image of the piece of wood I have been carefully chipping away at for days.
I live and work in East Sussex and exhibit my pictures mostly locally, whilst also facilitating and teaching the occasional workshop through Blackbird Arts.
A few years ago, I returned to clay after becoming involved in making the tiles for a friend’s new build house from the clay dug from the foundations. I have since had small, bespoke tiling commissions and run tile making workshops.