Dragon Drawing on Hazel Wood Slice #2

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Wonderful original drawing by Steve Samsara on a hazel wood slice.

The piece has a diameter of approximately 10cm.

Hand-signed on the reverse. Finished with a protective coating of varnish. The piece has a fixing on the back so it can be hung on the wall.

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About Steve Samsara

My name is Steve Samsara and I have been an artist all my life. I cannot remember not drawing. I am self-taught although I have been lucky enough to have had guidance from some of the great fantasy and sci fi artists of our time. I have had many of my works published including graphic novels, books and album covers.

A few years ago I hit a creative wall. I was less and less happy with my work and more to the point unhappy with myself. I stopped doing art for the first time in my life. I had been drawing over 40 years and my work was at a standard and not improving. I tried many different styles and mediums but I could not find the satisfaction i once had. I was lost and needed something new. Then one day my fog cleared and i realised what I needed. The answer was simple and in front of me all along. I was getting older and my work resembled that of a younger man. So I decided, why not carry on with what I had always done but with much more maturity, much more passion, much more soul and much more love. Step up and re kindle my love affair with what I have always known but this time take my time and enjoy my art and my life. Enjoy the stages we go through to create something beautiful.

I am Buddhist and live on the Jurassic Coast with my wife and my cat and I draw my inspiration from myths and legends from all cultures. Nature plays a big part in my work especially the contrast between its beauty and its dark ugly side. I often work with darker elements but I always inject hope and beauty into every piece of work in produce.

 When I am not producing art I read and meditate daily and allow images and emotions to combine in my mind to produce the missing ingredients which I now weave into my work. This gives me a feeling of completion i didn't have before which is truly satisfyingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and showing an interest in my art.