English Oak Leaf Copper Brooch

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Handcrafted copper brooch by Varvara White.

Each piece is uniquely cut and shaped. A little silver is then melted onto the leaf before it is flame painted and individually signed by the artist.

As it is sealed with a beeswax compound, simply wipe with a soft dry cloth to clean.

Perfect for wearing on heavyweight fabric clothing such as a jacket, a coat, or a cardigan or jumper.

The leaves are all unique and sizes vary, but each is approximately 10cm x 5cm.

The price is for a single brooch.  Each is handcarfted so designs may vary slightly,

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About Varvara White

Varvara White is an artist living and working in Buckinghamshire.

She studied at Wimbledon school of Art where she cultivated her passion for working in metals. Varvara went onto teach art and sculpture in many places and is currently teaching art in a secondary school.

 Varvara loves experimenting with different metals and processes. Working with copper has enabled her to express her ideas in a fluid and organic way.    It has enabled her to manipulate and change this unassuming metal into strong yet lightweight structural forms.

At the moment Varvara also enjoys exploring semi figurative ideas, which connect with our humanity and the way we think and feel. She is interested in the way masks and armour are used in their many guises.