Flip Necklace


Stunning necklace in hand-rolled textured silver with a snowflake obsidian beaded necklace. Designed and hand-crafted by studio jeweller Angela Learoyd.

The necklace length is approximately 45cm / 18" long.

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About Angela Learoyd

Angela works in silver and uses a variety of techniques to create surface texture and embellishment. Manipulating silver by doming, folding, hammering, die-forming and rolling allows her to produce three-dimensional pieces, especially hollow beads.

Recently she has have been experimenting with a combination of bold, simple, often repeating shapes and negative space. Her love of Mid Century fabrics, mirrors and furniture has influenced much of her work.

Her jewellery often incorporates gemstones. She particularly likes stones with matt finishes and interesting markings and inclusions. Sometimes her inspiration for shapes and textures comes directly from the stone.

She makes small, themed, evolving design ranges, limited editions and one of a kind pieces.
Her work is sold in galleries and shops and she also exhibits at Craft and Design fairs.

Education and Training
Angela studied Jewellery Design, Production and Business Management, as a mature student at Fife College and completed the course in 2006.

Association of Contemporary Jewellers

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