Gold Bee Totem Orb

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A beautiful hand crafted bee totem orb made from Gesso, hand gilded and finished with love.  A wonderful, tactile sculpture. Made by Yve Sturgeon.

Measures approx. 7cm diameter.

''Of the 20,000 bee species only two have become domesticated. The bee keepers art goes way back to the ancient Egyptians. Bee's have the ability to recognize faces, so connection to keeper is strong. Bee's show us that if we do what we do best, life will be sweeter.'' 

Supplied boxed with a piece about the orb design and how it's made, as well an artist biography.

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About Totem Orbs - A Statement from the maker, Yve.

Over the ages mankind has used meditation as a step towards achieving a special state of grace. In the practice of meditation, ancients focused on personal totems or emblems. It was often a creature that encompassed qualities most admired or desired. 

These totems were to be seen and touched, an aid to help keep in tune with the natural rhythms of life. 

These hand-crafted nature balls, round like our planet, are carved with animals we know and love and are made to be touched.

Each orb goes through 5 changes to reach this finish, leaving a multitude of difference, so that each orb is unique to you.  Only naturally, locally sourced products are used.

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About Yve Sturgeon

Yve Sturgeon’s working life started as a Hand Engraver. She studied at Sir John Cass, and worked in Hatton Garden for many years, where Yve learnt the importance of a placed line. Yve’s work crosses many media, from painting to pottery and printing to furniture. 

“Nothing I make is ever made without reason, and each piece tell a story.”