Mini Stem Vase by Hannah Heys

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Mini stem vase with a black and orange geo design - hand made by Hannah Heys.

The vessel measures approx. 1.5cm wide x 5cm height.

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Hannah Heys

Hannah Heys is a multidisciplinary Artist and Designer, combining her passion for contemporary design with detailed craftsmanship.

Hand throwing and slab building clay forms, Hannah creates one-off vases using natural, black and white stoneware clay, incorporating intricate sgraffito designs in bold and bright colours.

The colour of each piece is dictated by the ‘personality’ of the form and the decorative sgraffito design of each vase naturally evolves to the contours of each vase, making each piece unique.

Hannah has been combining traditional methods of craft with contemporary design through her Textiles practice since 2010. Hannah’s practice has been a natural progression to now incorporate working with Clay, exploring form, function and texture when creating 3D objects to translate her more delicate designs.