Nocturne (The Badger and the Moon) by Helen Abbott

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Original oil painting by Helen Abbott.  Painted on a vintage sheet of music.

Helen explains the piece, "Nocturne in music is a gentle piece of classical music. Nocturnes traditionally would be played of an evening. Of course in nature a badger is a “nocturnal” animal out and about during the darker hours of the day, the evening and night time. A badger is symbolic of wisdom and strength. Badgers have a long established role in folk lore, fantasy and often given human like characteristics that make them relatable.

I love seeing the moon… I love to look up at it and know that where ever they are my family and friends can look up and see the same moon. It’s a connection to those I love even when they are not close… the moon brings us closer together.

A full moon is a time when emotions may be amplified… but I’m becoming acutely aware it’s also a time when I get more creative and ideas flourish.

This art work is painted on the music Nocturne Op24 by little known composer Theodore Dohler. The music used dates to around 1850 (although written earlier)."

Supplied float framed. The piece measures 45cm x 34cm.

This piece can also be purchased using Own Art - interest free credit, payable in 10 equal monthly direct debit instalments of £38 - contact the gallery for full details and an online application.

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About Helen Abbott - Artist Statement

I have no doubt that you or someone you know loves animals. I’m told my first book was the ladybird book of pets and apparently I carried it everywhere with me. Mum has a photo somewhere ! Did you have animals in your life growing up? I currently have 5 dogs (yes 5, although my excuse is they are a UK vulnerable breed-which they are) as well as a cat. I’ve had cats, dogs, rabbits and was even lucky enough to have a wonderful horse in my life for a time. If you’ve known the love and company of an animal then my art helps you to remember them in a personal and completely unique way.

My art is not limited to domestic animals but the wildlife of our world. We share this planet but many species are becoming more and more endangered (this applies to both domestic and wild animals). Animal paintings can celebrate the beauty and diversity of the natural world. They can serve as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation, raising awareness about endangered species and their habitats. By displaying animal paintings, individuals can express their love for nature and their commitment to preserving it.

Although I paint quite traditional style paintings in oil on canvas or wooden panel, I also paint on, most often, vintage music This gives another level of meaning to the subject of my painting. This can be through the title , the words of the song or the sound of the music.

If you listen to certain pieces of music I bet you would know exactly where that music was used. Not many people won’t picture Harry Potter when they hear the theme tune played or the Alps when they hear the Sound of Music overture. If you listen to certain classical pieces you may recognise them from adverts. In som of my paintings the music is chosen especially with the subject in mind. Music is very emotional and everyone has memories associated with the many melodies and sounds that are heard.
Why music? My Grandfather and Gt Grandfather were both military musicians with the Scots Greys (Boer War and World War 1) I learned the violin when I was at school in Yorkshire and now my girls both play and study music at university. I studied Fine Art at Leeds University but only returned to art after a career change. This return to painting also involved oil painting, something which I hadn’t explored much in the past.

My two daughters are mostly away at university so I have just my husband and King Charles Spaniels (Elsie, Niffler, Bailey, Ethel and Clara) and my cat (Tabitha) for company... and my paints of course!