Preening Peacock by Natacha Chohra

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A charming print lovingly reproduced from an original watercolour illustration by Natacha Chohra.

Supplied backed and cellophane wrapped (unframed).

The print is 10'' x 8 ''

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About Natacha Chohra

Natacha is a French artist who specialises in depicting the ethereal and the whimsical.

From a very young age Natacha has always had a vivid imagination, using daydream as antidote to the mundanity of daily life (which sometimes landed her in trouble at school).

Inspired by nature, books (she always was and still is an avid reader) and the arts in all their forms, her work is an exploration of the space which exists between the seen and the unseen. Her art is dreamlike and colourful: she uses it to tell stories and also as a form of escapism. She works predominantly in watercolour as she enjoys the unpredictability of the medium and the ‘happy accidents’ which it can create. 

Natacha lives in the UK countryside with her partner Andy, their two young children and her studio companion, Sybil the cat.