Barn Owl - Painting on Slate


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A charming, original painting on reclaimed Cornish slate of a Barn Owl by  Rosemary Timney.

Painted in gouache and protected with varnish.

The slate measures approximately 22.5cm wide x 28.5cm long (35.5cm hanging length).

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About the Artist

Rosemary Timney was born in High Wycombe a long time ago. She has lived in several villages in the surrounding area until 1992 when the family upped sticks and moved to rural Devon.

Having been animal mad forever, she loves to paint wildlife, particularly birds. Her paintings are mostly worked in gouache, sometimes acrylic, but she finds it’s not great for showing the fine detail required.

More recently she has been looking for interesting surfaces to paint on, old wooden panels, pebbles! All good, but best of all is slate! Sometimes newer smoother slate, good for pet portraits, or old Delabole slate from Cornwall, more natural and great for wildlife.

Being married to a builder has been very useful, providing a good supply of materials to paint on. She recently acquired a few pieces of unwanted boardwalk from a nearby beach, it will be interesting to see what she does with that!
Rosemary has never had any training (artwise) she’s always been happy to do her own thing, although she occasionally wonders what she would be doing if she had attended some kind of art school!