Glass Robin


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An exquisite depiction of a robin hand crafted in glass by Sandra Young. This life-like little bird measures approximately 8.5 cm in width, 4.5 cm in depth and stands 5 cm high.

Each bird is hand crafted, so designs may vary a little to the image shown. Do contact the gallery if you'd like to see & choose for the exact pieces we have in stock at the current time.

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Sandra Young Artist Statement

I have been a glass sculptor for more than 30 years. In that time I have developed techniques to work the solid rod in the flame to an unusually large scale and detail; working around the physical problems this creates.

My work uses flame working, where glass is melted within the flame and then sculpted and manipulated into forms to express my love of the natural world. Using only small hand tools my own techniques are equally reflected in my fine miniatures and jewellery. I use metal based glass lustres to give iridescent colour and also coloured rod; for example creating eye canes and for hi-lighting and detail such as the flash of white on a kingfishers head. As an applied artist my one of a kind works include sculptures of British birds and flowers; and from myth- dragons and fairies.

Dragons have been my signature pieces and- although I have always made sculptures from  nature- in more recent years I have been creating more birds, flowers and animals; particularly those that are from the British Isles or are becoming endangered.


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