The Moon - Moonstone Ring

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A hand-crafted silver ring with a striking set moonstone. The underside of the ring has a crescent moon carved from the silver.

The ring is size 'L'.

Moonstone measures approx 2cm long x 1cm wide at widest point.

The ring is supplied boxed with a written piece explaining the inspiration for the piece (see below).

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About Josh Chandler-Morris & Harsh Realm Jewellery

Harsh Realm Jewellery is a one-man jewellery business based in the British countryside. Inspired by the poetic force of literature, the transcendental power of philosophy and the peace of the great outdoors, Josh weaves the imagery of nature with the ideas and symbology from his favourite books.

Having spent much of his early twenties touring Europe in bands, Josh decided that he needed a new outlet for his creative energy. He had loved gemstones since childhood and enjoyed the solitary work of the metal shop, therefore at 26 he decided that jewellery making was to be where he put his new creative focus.

Nine years on, and Josh continues to find much meaning and joy in his work. With each passing year, he is able to more accurately express his creative vision and feels incredibly blessed to be able to make such meaningful pieces of jewellery for people to wear and treasure.


The piece is supplied with a scroll explaining the inspiration for the piece:-

"The moon, remaining a constant through changing, tumultuous times. Witnessing the birth and death of men and women throughout human history, the rise and fall of empires, and the ever-changing nature of life on earth. The moon exists, enduring all as a symbol of stability. And yet although a constant in our reality, not impermanent, not eternal.

Much like our own existence, which we can believe to be unending, if not intellectually then in the way we conduct our lives, the moon is also finite and subject to the sands of time. This knowledge can either bring anxiety or a sense of relief, a weight off the shoulders, a realisation of our insignificance, not to our loved ones but on a cosmic scale.

The lesson then of philosophers of both the East and stoics of ancient Greece was that of non-grasping, acceptance that the world is unfolding in the way it should and in ways beyond comprehension and surrendering to change in both good and bad times. This is much easier said than done in these difficult times but nonetheless a state worth aspiring to.

'Nothing endures but change' - Heraclitus
'This too shall pass' - Unknown Sufi poet

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