The Printmaker's Cat Book

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A beautiful hardback book, 160 pages. 250mm x 250mm complied by Alan Marshall.

Captured on the pages of this, a new version of a highly original book are 330 etchings, engravings, woodblocks, linocuts, silkscreen, collagraphs and lithography from 56 UK printmakers. All feature cats as the dominant or significant subject. Many are witty or whimsical; some bold, others subtle. Most depict aspects of feline behaviour that will be familiar to those who share their homes with cats.

The artists themselves include in these pages their experiences and anecdotes. They also attempt to explain what it is that makes the domestic cat such a popular subject in printmaking. Leonardo da Vinci probably got it right nearly five centuries ago when he said that “the smallest feline is a masterpiece”. His view of the larger cat wasn’t recorded.

Featuring Diana Ashdown, Richard Bawden, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, Linda Richardson, GlynnThomas, Alex Johnson, Yvonne Skargon, Rob Barnes, Chris Sinden, Alison Read, Hilary Paynter, Sarah van Niekerk, Miriam Macgregor, Hilke MacIntyre, Kay McDonagh, Geri Waddington, Sanchia Lewis, Angela Harding, Pat Schaverien, Cordelia Jones, Helen Moore, Vanessa Lubach, Mychael Barratt, Chloe Cheese, Victoria Woodward, Martin Leman and many more...