Enchanted Woodland Tiara / Necklace - silver with Ethiopian Opal (EB001) by Tsedey Roscoe

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A stunning hand-crafted tiara, which can also be worn as a necklace.  Made from sterling silver with Ethiopian Opals.

Tsedey explain the creation of this piece, "I aimed to craft an enchanted tiara or necklace inspired by The Art of Ed Org. Using sterling silver wire and sheet, I meticulously designed branches, leaves, and flowers that were then delicately soldered onto the wire. To enhance the woodland feel, I added beautiful settings for the Ethiopian opals. The design features links connecting the branches, allowing the piece to exhibit movement. This versatile piece can be worn as a tiara, necklace, or by removing some branches, it transforms into a pendant for a different look, providing a unique style for the wearer".

The piece weighs 32gm.

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Tsedey Roscoe - Artist Statement

I'm Tsedey, the artisan behind Elelta Bijoux; my name, meaning 'Springtime' in the Amharic language of Ethiopia. My designs draw inspiration from the ever-changing woodlands that surround us—capturing the essence of new spring growth, adorned with leaves and flowers.

My journey into the art of jewellery began in 2002 with courses at East Berkshire College. What started as a personal exploration blossomed into a fulfilling career when, in 2014, my husband and I ventured to France and established a craft shop and workshop.

This transition allowed me to channel my passion into pieces of wearable jewellery art. During serene winter months, I found joy in sharing the love of jewellery-making through classes. In September 2023, we moved to the town of Buckingham, to be closer to family. Now, from my home studio, I continue to work on my creations with fresh ideas and techniques, always seeking to improve my skills.

In my creations, it's more than just crafting jewellery; it's weaving stories, embracing creativity, and adding a touch of enchantment.