To a God Unknown - Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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A hand-crafted silver necklace with a set Lapis Lazuli stone by Josh-Chandler-Morris of Harsh Realm Jewellery.

The necklace is supplied boxed with a written poem by Josh that inspired the piece (see below).

Chain length approx 44cm therefore drop length approx 22cm.

Pendant measures approx 3cm long x 2.5cm at widest point,

Lapis Lazuli stone measures approx 2cm long x 1.5cm wide at widest point.

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About Josh Chandler-Morris & Harsh Realm Jewellery

Harsh Realm Jewellery is a one-man jewellery business based in the British countryside. Inspired by the poetic force of literature, the transcendental power of philosophy and the peace of the great outdoors, Josh weaves the imagery of nature with the ideas and symbology from his favourite books.

Having spent much of his early twenties touring Europe in bands, Josh decided that he needed a new outlet for his creative energy. He had loved gemstones since childhood and enjoyed the solitary work of the metal shop, therefore at 26 he decided that jewellery making was to be where he put his new creative focus.

Nine years on and Josh continues to find much meaning and joy in his work. With each passing year, he is able to more accurately express his creative vision and feels incredibly blessed to be able to make such meaningful pieces of jewellery for people to wear and treasure.

The poem by Josh that inspired the piece i supplied on a scroll to accompany the necklace:-

I felt you in the crisp morning light
And your hand on mine the night Oli died
And you stirred all the oceans within
when everything else ran dry

And I see it in the stars and in the webs the spiders weave, the worlds that the artist's brush conceive and the songs that raise the hairs from my skin when the heart has succumbed to the mind

The poets always described you better than the priest, the man of nature knew your patterns better than he

Yet they still speak your name and describe your ways, giving words to the mysteries that will always remain and pretending to know your divine will and imagining they'd understand the ineffable

The sun rose on me again and 34 years in the awe still remains, I thank God and yet beyond a name, you're still a stranger to me in the dark

But the goldfinches were on the thistles in the morning mist, and I wondered what I'd done to deserve all this, as Dolores slept upon my chest I found Eden in those trusting arms

So if I'm Cain's son and the descendent of sin, and the serpent still lives just beneath my skin then why do you bless me with such crushing bliss when I present you my meagre yield

I tried to find you in the holy scriptures and books but found only signposts and half-heard whispered words but you were there as a still, small voice amongst the blessed branches of pine

And you were there when hope fell from my eye, and there when suffering filled my mind and you lifted the veil just long enough to bring light to a darkened sky

To a God unknown, I feel your grace, in the forests and in my daughter's face, and I sacrifice and carry my weight in the hope that I've earned my part

So I tread on your soil with a softness of touch and try to add only kindness and love, hoping that although not much, my presence brought more grace than pain

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