Rachel Brown Jewellery

Rachel Brown is a self confessed doodler and mark maker. She loves the textural and tonal qualities of pencils and has recently discovered graphite powder which produces the most beautiful painterly marks and textures. Her jewellery designs start as exploratory marks and drawings, although inspired by anything and everything her focus is primarily on spontaneous and random gestural marks, patterns and lines. She loves how simple marks can be bold, expressive and unique. These sketches are then transferred onto white enamel using the same drawing techniques and with the same pencil and graphite powder used in her sketchbooks, this is then fired at a high temperature to seal in the drawings. Each piece of jewellery is unique and perfectly captures the hand drawn nature of her work, often you can see her fingerprints appearing in the graphite powder. Rachel loves that people can wear something that has a direct connection with her drawings. 

Member of the British Society of Enamellers.

The National Association of Jewellers Award for Excellence 2016 


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