Weekly Art Challenge Week Three

It's the third week of our weekly Art Challenge!  Even more entries this week - from children and adults, amateurs & professionals. Thank you all! (although it has meant it's even harder to choose our favourites!)

This week we offered three themes and asked for submissions in any media inspired by one of the themes :-

• My Garden (real or imagined)

• An artwork inspired by your favourite poem / book

• Your favourite pet (real or imaginary)

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Below are a selection of our favourites from this week's entries :-

Dreaming Garden
by Vivek Shah

Vivek's painting is impressionistic watercolour. "Inspired by my garden . It’s my place of bliss away from everything that’s going on. The lights and shadows play games and almost appear magical,dreamlike," 

The Raven - My Fantasy Pet
by Caren Morys

Caren, from Derbyshire says, "I currently wish I had a raven so I could make sketch studies of it for my artwork! Definitely a fantasy pet though as they are mischievous and a handful! I drew this from from a real raven called Moonin, an abandoned pet now cared for by Sama of Moon-in Raven blog. Here he is, reunited with his favourite toy, a padlock & key."

Hope is a Thing with Feathers
by Jennifer Helen Stokes

A mixed media painting using watercolours, acrylics and coloured pencils by Buckinghamshire-based artist Jennifer Helen Stokes. It was inspired by her favourite poem by Emily Dickinson - Hope is the thing with feathers (also one of mine!).

Morning Sunlight
by Graham Jefford

"This oil painting was one of the pieces in my recent (and sadly curtailed) exhibition called Wendover Country at Melanie Bird's gallery. All the paintings grew out of my love of a short poem by W.H. Davies entitled 'Leisure'. It starts (if I remember correctly) with the words 'What life is this if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare'.".

My Garden
by Sally Leggatt

"This is a watercolour illustration taken from my garden diary book (titled Jam and Jeraniums!) which is a monthly illustrated and handwritten garden journey based on six years of writing a journal of my garden. This is from the month of September, the month to plant a hedgerow to encourage the birds. It could be titled 'Fruit for thought'?"

Take Me Home Please!
by Lauretta Milligan

Painted using watercolour paints & pen.

Fantasy Foliage
by Gill Barrett

Created using alcohol Ink on Yupo paper. 

Pooh Corner
by Jill Healing

A corner of Jill's garden, painted in acrylic.

My Daughter's Dog
by Barbara Shaw

"He has the most wonderful temperament and I love him to bits. The image has been created from many scraps of fabric hand-stitched together in layers".

by Cheryl Wilyman

"An oil painting on Kenzi, our horse, sadly no long with us, but he was a character and very special to us."

by Ruth Groves

"He's called "Spam" as he is mainly made of Spam tins
Hope he makes you smile. He is now painted silver with Hammerite - as that is what I have to hand! Not sure I didn't prefer him before but he will go rusty without some protection. I am making a giraffe now - have to be called "Carnation", as mostly using Carnation tins". Ruth sent us a lovely video showing Spam in action which we've posted on our Facebook page.

by Steph Hudson

An acrylic on board is of Steph's daughter's dachshund called Rosie. Steph is from Chesham in Buckinghamshire.

Weeds Don't Go On Furlough
by Susan Dix

Acrylic on board. 

My Evening Walk
by Yvonne Shivers

Willow Fetching a Stick
by Jackie Bennett

A needlefelt sculpture by Jackie Bennett from Hertfordshire. "Willow, an English springer spaniel, is my favourite pet, who never tires of the game "Fetch the Stick". She initiates the game by dropping a stick at your feet, then firmly nudging your leg whilst giving you a hypnotic stare, compelling you to play. I marvel at her speed, agility and power as she leaps to catch the stick mid air, before returning it to you for a repeat performance!"

My Favourite Pet
by Paul Hawkins

This sculpture is made by Paul Hawkins from Hertfordshire based on his wired haired fox terrier. Made from polished white metal which was formed in a handmade mould.

Mitzi Goes to Edinburgh
by Tim Stalley

A hand-produced linocut print.

Gilbert the Fish
by Sebastian, Aged 8

Sebastian, aged 8, from Buckinghamshire drew this inspired by his imaginary favourite pet. Sebastian says, "When I get my pet fish I’m going to call him Gilbert."

My Pets
by Daniel Stock, Aged 7

By 7-year-old Daniel from Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire. As Daniel doesn't have any pets he drew a picture of the pets he would like; a kitten and a goldfish.

Queen Ant
by Connie, Aged 8

Connie, from Wendover, created her imaginary pet. This is a collaged and felt tip artwork made with some recycled papers and glue and starry sequins .
"Connie loves making and decorating her art and especially loved that it has 3 pairs of shoes on all at the same time!"   

Inside Outside
by Julian Gardner

An unmodified multi exposure photograph, created entirely in the camera.

The Veg Garden
by Gerry Coles

By Gerry Coles from near Thame  “The Veg Garden” is a linocut featuring some of the beautiful veg that I grow in the summer."

Shetland Mare
by Jackie Henderson

"This Shetland mare had been rummaging under gorse bushes to find a small patch of grass during deep snow!! The low winter light casts a warm glow on her though the temperature was extremely cold."

Dolly & Mabel
by Linda Travers Smith

Linda's daughter's two Maincoon cats that I painted for her as a Christmas present, 

by Rosemary Stockwell

I live in Penn Bucks and my name is Rosemary Stockwell. The title of the painting is "Alfie"
He is my son's dog. 

My Garden
by Inger Pettersen

My name is Inger Pettersen and I live in Wendover.
I'm sending you a photo of my latest textile embroidery, where I've used fabric scraps and embroidery thread.
I always find inspiration from nature and this in particular is from my colourful spring garden. 

An Imaginary Garden
by Brenda Hurley

A garden I would most like. Trees shrubs and water. Lovely reflections.

My Favourite Pet
by Brenda Bailey

This was my favourite British Toggenburg goat when we lived in Devon-she won a lot of prizes and was very beautiful. This was drawn with pastel pencil on pastel paper.

My Garden
by Susie Dove

By Susie Dove, from Suffolk. "This is a quick acrylic sketch of one corner of my garden. I’m no Alan Titchmarsh!"  

My Favourite Pet
by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik

Painted in oil by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik from Hertfordshire.

Garden Snooze
by Nathalie Pymm

'Garden Snooze’ is a mixed media painting inspired by our cat Jasper having a snooze on our arbour.
He obviously got exhausted watching us tidying up the garden!   

by Debrah Martin

This painting is of Bruce, one of our 2 dogs. Animals are so non-judgemental and so unconditionally loving, how can they not all be favourites? But Bruce is possibly our ‘cutest’ dog with the cheekiest face – and he’s pug-love on legs …

Bob's Fantasy Garden
by Vonnie Peters

This is my little Tom cat and he would bring the outside in if he could... 😻 

Up The Garden Path
by Vivienne Dixon

A lino print by Vivienne Dixon. "I am based in Surrey and love to make prints of my garden and other gardens." 

In the Exotic Garden
by Krysia Michna-Nowak

Painted in matt acrylics on paper .

Doorstep Friend
by Karen Martin

I planted this beautiful plant next to my front door a year or two back. The berries are long lasting and its happy in a shaded position. Evergreen and cheerful, I just love it. ( unfortunately Ive lost its name!). I painted this in acrylic on board as part of the April challenge with the Beechwood art group, during this difficult time. 

Flower in my Garden
by Sarah Jane Bennett

By Buckinghamshire jeweller, Sarah Jane Bennett. Mixed metal ‘flower in my garden’ brooch.

by Sally Dorrity

Our springtime group ceramics project at Evreham (before the term was curtailed) was challenged to design and make birdbaths for a mini exhibition at Obsidian Art. This is the birdbath I made using stoneware clay, dry green glaze and glass.

Is Love a Flower
by John Lincoln

John, from South Lincolnshire, took his inspiration from the John Clare poem, "Is Love  Flower", Painted in acrylics & mixed media on paper, finished in oil.

The Gecko, the Insects and the Tortoise
by Fotoulla, Aged 11

My Baby Hare!
by Biddy Lee

Mother's Little Helper
by Lynne Reeves

Ruby is our Bengal, and true to the Bengal character, she is into absolutely
everything! This is my hand drawn graphite drawing of her sorting through the towels! As well as my assemblage art, I do enjoy working in graphite and also coloured pencils, both of which lend themselves well to the details of animals. 

Hound of the Baskervilles
by Heather D'Silva

Painted in watercolour to illustrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Hound of the Baskervilles"

Flowers Number One
by Ann Marie Whitton

An abstract acrylic painting created on canvas.
During lockdown I have spent many hours in my garden, much of it actually gardening ( I am not a gardener, so have taught myself a lot) and the rest I've been devoted to painting, drawing and printmaking. I was so inspired by the different plants in my boarders with their wonderful colours, shapes and textures, I just had to paint them. 

Favourite Pet
by Pete Sammes

By Pete Sammes from High Wycombe.