Weekly Art Challenge Week Four

It's the fourth week of our weekly Art Challenge!  Lots of wonderful entries from children and adults, amateurs & professionals. Thank you all - and especially to those who have entered every week!

This week we offered three themes and asked for submissions in any media inspired by one of the themes :-

• Inspired by Lockdown

• The Place I Escape To

• A Keyworker / People keeping us safe

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Below are a selection of our favourites from this week's entries :-

by Valentine Tomin

My name is Valentine Tomin, I am an artist who specialises in soft pastels. This piece is titled “Ronnie” who is our office dog. The picture was painted in soft pastels on a home-made surface.Ronnie is our office dog and his antics during lockdown have kept us all sane. Proof? See him on Instagram ‘ronnietheofficedog’. As a tribute… just had to paint him! 

Escape to the Coast
by Jackie Bennett

Early on in lockdown, I decided to escape (in my mind!) to my favourite place on the coast in Norfolk, whilst doing a bit of therapeutic needlefelting (to keep sane!). I have always enjoyed observing and sketching the wading birds I've seen and I was inspired to create a needlefelt version of one of my favourite birds, the bold and striking oystercatcher.

by Debrah Martin

Of course I can’t escape to here in reality at the moment because we are still in lockdown, but if I could… Before my whole family moved from London to Dorset when I was 9, my father lived and worked alone in Poole, Dorset, until we could make the move. He would write to my mother every weekend, sitting on Evening Hill – on the way to Sandbanks beach – usually whilst watching a beautiful sunset falling slowly into the sea. It was a place of peace and serenity far from the ones he loved. My wonderful father is long gone, but the beauty of the place lives on in actuality and in my memory. This is how I remember it. 

by Claire Zammit

This was done as part of the #portraitsfornhsheroes initiative started by tom Croft and covered by the bbc. This is physio Lisa who is working on the Covid wards in York. She contacted me via Instagram.
The painting is 12”x 10” and is acrylic on canvas board. It is one of 5 I have done for this initiative. 

Bluebell Solitude
by Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra's latest linocut, a hand-produced print called 'Bluebell Solitude'. Fits two of our themes this week - both places Alexandra escapes to and inspired by lockdown.

The Place I Escape To
by Pete Sammes

These are the last 6 steps of 88 on a walk I escape too every day during the lockdown. A celebratory site after so many steps before!

A Place to Escape To
A House of Wonders

I love things in boxes... I love landscapes. So why not landscapes in boxes? A place to escape to❤️ I think it needs a handle so you can take it with you x 

From My Window
by Christian Twelftree

Inspired by staying at home and all of the bright and sunny weather we have experienced. The strong sun really picks up the warm colours of the houses opposite. 

Heather D'Silva

This is a view outside my window into the garden, taken in evening light which lights up the warm brickwork and is one of my favourite places to watch the sunset with a glass of wine!

The Place I Escape To
by Paul Hawkins

My work is a metal sculpture of a wading bird and it represents the wide open expanse of the north Norfolk coast with a hand painted backdrop.

The Cottage
by Roger Everson

Pen and ink drawing of somewhere in Wales. Not a literal place to go to but an escape through painting.

The Place I Escape To
Dorota Górczyńska-Bacik

I love winter and this is the place where I escape if that is a possible. If not, i do it in my dreams, imagination 😁 

Water Tower Vase
by Caroline Newland-Smith

Although originating in the form of a water tower, i worked also to stress its resemblance to a fantasy space craft. I would love to jump in and zoom off to explore the universe. I’d have plenty of water!

The Corona Fish
by Andrew Cant

Framed assemblage.

Skipping in the Garden
by James, Age 11

I've drawn this drawing of me skipping in the garden as I was at home because of the lockdown. I really like playing outside in the garden and out and about. In the garden: I skip, play football, run about and lots more!! Did you know my record of skips is 64!

Mullion Cove, “the place I escape to”.
by Jill Healing

Mullion Cove, “the place I escape to”. Acrylic 30cm x 30 cm by Jill Healing

Blue Tit on Japonica
by Nicola Currie

An Oil painting on 24 carat gold leaf - 8 inches by 8 inches. Nicola is a Worcestershire artist specialising in still life and botanical art.
"During lockdown I have had more time to notice the bird life in our garden. Blue tits are our daily visitors." 

Inspired by Lockdown: Lily's Cat
by Paula Wyatt

A friend asked me to paint a picture of her daughter's cat for her 6th birthday. I didn't have a canvas but... inspired by lockdown ..and a needs must attitude I found a piece of wood, did a base coat of chalk paint, added puss and then beeswaxed it all...they loved it. 

The Place I Escape To
by Sally Leggatt

Created in watercolour with precious metals. I sit outside to work surrounded by the bees and the flowers and it's a real escape.

Up The Garden Path
by Barbara Shaw

The image is of my home and has been created from many carefully selected scraps of fabric hand-stitched together in layers.

by Allison Graham

by Pauline James

During lockdown I walked these woods most days. Early on, the trees were bare, but gradually they have become transformed into a splendid canopy. The image, in acrylics, was painted onto a symbolic black canvas. The colours then emerged, rather as I hope we will after this pandemic.

Westbury Arts Centre
by Robin Souter

This piece inspired me hugely. It shows part of the old moat, a willow in spring finery and the Westbury art centre in the background. Westbury is currently undergoing major building works, so that made this particular image all the more appealing.

The Place I Escape To
by Karen Martin

I have various Scandinavian Connections . My mother came from Denmark, but lived most of her life in the UK. My son with his wife and family ( who is Swedish ) live in London, but also have a small summer house near a lake in Sweden, very close to her family.
I really enjoy going out their for holidays and visits. The stunning scenery of woods and lakes is unique to that part of the country , with silver birch trees always visible throughout .
Their house in the woods has an old barn close by that has always intrigued me, as I have never seen anyone go into it. But I always know when I see it that I am home with the peace and tranquillity of the place. This is very much my escape from the busy life of the UK. 

Inspired by Lockdown
by Nathalie Pymm

This mixed media painting is called ‘Meditation’ - inspired to keep calm and meditate during this stressful time, especially with our son having been so ill with the virus.
I think using such bright colours helped me cope too! Painted on watercolour paper, size 48 x 36 cms. 

French Bulldog
by Lynne Reeves

This is a French Bulldog I’ve just completed, which is being auctioned by a French Bulldog Rescue charity.
This is one of my digital art pet portraits, which are proving quite popular. It’s all created on my iPad. I do love colour, and using the apps does off real vibrancy of colour. I like to think these portraits do give a resemblance to the subject, particularly the eyes.  

by Lisa Stanyard

A surreal drawing of Eli with some of his favourite things, drawn in pencil.

Los Picos de Europa
by Brenda Bailey

This is an oil painting I did of a lovely place (I would like to escape to )again in Los Picos de Europa, when the lockdown has ended.

Isolation Dreams (Highlands)
by Graham Jefford

Before the lockdown hit us we were planning a tour of Scotland, which we don't know at all. Our route would have included the Cairngorms, inspired by a couple of TV documentaries I'd seen, and the writings of Nan Shepherd.

My first completed 'lockdown' painting is an experiment with all new techniques and is painted from imagination, and it's twice the size of anything I've done before. It was a very liberating experience. It's working title is 'Isolation Dreams (Highlands)'. I hope you like it. 

Inspired by Lockdown
by Angus McDonald

Quite unheard of, me completing a piece of art in under a day. Then again, this is was dead simple, and had been on my mind for some time. Brings a smile and little happiness in these times.When walking through our neighbourhood and admiring the rainbow art in house windows, I always think they look like down turned mouths and saying that may be everyone indoors are unhappy. I always felt the rainbows should be the other way, and so appear happy to give us hope. Thus, I give you my upside down rainbow or Circumzenithal arc.

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