Weekly Art Challenge Week Five

Week Five of our weekly Art Challenge!  This week saw the highest number of entries we've had so far, which is wonderful - ages starting at just 4 years old to those rather older! And this week we extended our judging panel to 7 of us, which produced an interesting mix of opinions! 

Huge thanks to everyone who entered, and to the voluntary judges for their time too.  I'm so sorry we just couldn't include all the entries  but below are our favourites from this week's entries.

This week we offered three themes and asked for submissions in any media inspired by one of the themes :-

• Inspired by Nature

• Reflections

• Inspired by Music

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Below are a selection of our favourites from this week's entries :-

Leo’s Garden and Pet Butterfly
by Leo Age 7

Leo’s Garden and pet Butterfly (he raised from a caterpillar) and ladybirds (he caught and looked after them) He loves everything about nature and the world around him and loved doing this drawing!

by Debrah Martin

I’m fascinated by water and reflections. They make me think of infinity, and how we are all part of that concept even though we are finite ourselves. Reflections are always so peaceful and fascinating to watch too. Sit back and relax…
You can watch Debrah's painting videos on her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJnB5SoHXi9qyh7JSvEvDQ

Big Plant Forest
by Beatrice Age 4 3/4

Beatrice Miller’s Big Plant Forest age 4 and three quarters!

by Alanda Calmus

Alanda Calmus lives in Fochabers, Morayshire, Scotland.
18x24cm oil on canvas panel entered in the Inspired by Nature category.  

by Clare Buchta

Resting Up on the Thames. Taking an overnight break on a trip up the Thames.
Painted in oils.

Sky Under My Feet
by Vivek Shah

Medium :- oil on linen canvas
The marshland, reflection of the sky and clouds on the water look magical . I love the simple shapes and colours that come together to animate this landscape . Peaceful harmony in nature. 

Tulipa Pink Star on Gold 
by Nicola Currie

Oil painting on board with imitation gold leaf
Inspired by the tulip paintings from the Dutch Golden Age I bought a selection of tulip bulbs last autumn from the RHS to see if I could grow some plants for myself. I was so thankful I did as during Lockdown they have provided a rich source for paintings. In this one - Tulipa Pink Star - it was the richness of the unfolding colours which attracted me. 

Eileen Whittock

Sunset as seen from our window in Chalfont-St-Peter, Bucks.

Midsummer in the Forest
by Christine Rodrigues 

This is one of a series .
The result of gathering thoughts and ideas for my work while walking through the woods with my dog, thinking about the life there, and what may dwell among the trees when we are not there.

Spring Greens
by Gerry Coles 

A linocut print
It’s a biggie for me (printed area about 30x40cm) and took quite a lot of carving. Inspired by the beautiful wildplants cow parsley, dead nettles, cleavers and grasses that are so abundant in our Oxfordshire countryside. 

by Heather D'Silva

This is a pastel I made a few years ago whilst on holiday in India. This is a gangajali or water carrier in the Maharaja's city palace , Jaipur and is the largest sterling silver object in the world. It contains 4000 litres of holy water from the Ganges and is 5'3" high! That's me reflected in it!

Reflection of Child Carefree
by Dorota Górczyńska-Bacik

I painted this picture inspired by the photo of my friend, Daniel Cichy. 
Medium: Oils.

Woodland Clearing
Mitzie Green

Acrylic inks on canvas inspired by walking in the local woodlands during lockdown. Size 100 x 50 cm 

The Black Labrador
By Gracie Age 11  

The Black Labrador
By Gracie
Age 11

Octopus Totem Orb
Yve Sturgeon

Gesso is the main ingredient in the making of these wonderfully ‘touchy feely’ Totem Orbs. The process is a well kept secret! Each orb goes through five processes in the making, giving an infinite number of changes that make each Orb unique. All materials used are natural, and locally sourced. Yve's work is available for sale on Obsidian Art's web site.

Reflections: Pretty Flamingo
by Wendy Farrington

Inspired by Nature
by Robin Souter

The River Lyn and so reminds me of hill burns I fished as a youngster.

Inspired by Nature
by India Bailey, Age 15

Blue Sky
by Julian Gardner

An unmodified multi exposure photograph created entirely in the camera. 

Reflections : Cool Water by Jill Healing

'Cool Water’ under the subject of Reflections. 

River Teifi: Morning Calm
Graham Jefford

For this week I have a view on the beautiful River Teifi, which forms the border between Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire - a delightful part of the country.

Inspired by Nature: The Clover House 
Description: This is a collage by James, Age 11

This is a collage that I made using bits of nature. I found them in bushes nearby and in my garden. Hope you like it !!! 

Reflections: Mangroves near Cape Tribulation
by Elizabeth Waumsley

Mangroves near Cape Tribulation. I started with splashing acrylic inks onto the canvas before painting round or over the ink with acrylics.

by Jackie Bennett

Hoopoe and crested tit admiring their new "coiffures" in the mirror.
The hoopoe and crested tit (both needlefelted) are showing off their flamboyant crests with fabrics offcuts and flowers from the garden! 

My Guitar
Roger Everson

On the theme of music, very much at home, this is an acrylic 35cmx45cm still life painting of my guitar.

Evening by the Canal - June
Marie Robinson

Evening walks at this, my favourite time of year, are wonderful especially when the weather is this good!
This is a view from one such walk alongside the North Oxfordshire canal in early June when we were lucky to live close by.
Painted in oils on canvas board  

Moermi Sable
Sinclair Webster

Inspired by nature. I call this Moremi Sable. It recalls a magical sighting in end of summer dried out bush.

Inspired by Nature: Meadowsweet
Liz Grammenos

'Meadowsweet' inspired by all the wild flowers blooming so freely all around us!

Inspired by Nature
Pete Sammes

Came across this stunning tree on a walk around The Rye in High Wycombe and I thought I would try to paint it's really involved shapes. It's an acrylic on canvas.

Inspired by Nature
Stuart Roper

Here’s a piece I’ve just finished and very much inspired by nature, it’s a painting of the path up to Knucklas Castle near where I live. 

Rachel Bennett

A drawing of Rachel's 14 year old cat, Kimi.

Inspired by Nature: Stoneware Pot
Rachel McDonald

Underglaze hare on flecked stoneware brush pot / vase / beaker. Still learning how to paint with underglaze on the ceramic but I think this one worked just fine 😊🐇 12cm x 8cm 🍶 15fl oz 🍶

Inspired by Nature: Dandelion Clock and Lacewings

Painted' in watercolour with precious metals. Definitely inspired by my garden - so many dandelions this year and so good for the bees and other insects with early pollen, and the clock and the lacewings are so delicate; a puff of wind blows them away!

Inspired by Music: Mardi Gras
Nathalie Pymm

‘Mardi Gras’ is an original hand pulled lino print on chine collee and is from an edition of 20.
This image is inspired by all the partying and celebrations we will all be having when lockdown is over!
Image size 30.5 x 20. 5  

Inspired by Nature: Stoneware Pot
Sally Dorrity

 Like many artists, I get much of my inspiration from the lines, tones and particularly the textures of nature. The combination of texture and glaze on this pot has often been likened to tree bark.

Inspired by Music: Elvis
by Mark Skirving

Elvis by Mark Skirving.
Mark is 54 and lives in Birmingham. 

Inspired by nature by
Georgina Peachey-Saunders

The natural world on my windowsill? 

Pauline James

On reflection, Venice is my very favourite city. After Venice has said there are too many tourists, suddenly the city is almost deserted except for the residents of Venice thanks to this pandemic.

This picture, painted after my last visit to Venice, was originally a watercolour, I then worked over the top of the watercolour in oil pastels to give a different effect.

Inspired by Nature: 
All the Season’s Colours
by Cheryl Wilyman

Cheryl Wilyman - Oil - “All the Season’s Colours” 

Relaxing by the River Chess
Candida Hackney 

Relaxing by the River Chess
Candida Hackney.  Watercolour.  

Inspired by Nature
by Lucy Presdee

A silk painting of butterflies. I have been looking at all the butterflies that we've seen whilst walking in the fields during lockdown.

Maggie Tweed

This Is a mixed media piece with hand stitching and touches of watercolour .
It was inspired by the wonderful evening sky behind the castle reflecting in the moat .   

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